Vigil for Life is a Christian volunteer organization whose members pray, fast and peacefully witness for an end to abortion in the Madison, WI area.

We focus on God’s mercy and compassion for all people, especially those who are wounded by abortion or fearful in a crisis pregnancy.  Our prayer is for a conversion of heart for abortion-minded men and women and for those who work in the abortion industry so that life may win out over death.  Our prayer vigils on the sidewalks outside the abortion facilities are peaceful and non-judgmental, communicating God’s love for all His children, born and preborn.  Fasting and being present at the abortion facility magnify the prayers in our hearts and on our lips.

Prayer, fasting and peaceful witness are the spiritual methods that Vigil for Life uses to defend life, which are the same methods that the international 40 Days for Life campaigns have been using since their start several years ago.  Vigil for Life is the outgrowth of the pro-life mobilization among Madison Christians to undergo 40 Days for Life and to continue making an impact for the good 365 days a year.

Vigil for Life updates its volunteers through e-mail communications, apprising volunteers of pro-life news and events.  We also plan vigils, rallies and pro-life presentations.  Join our e-mail list! Join us on the sidewalk!

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