Urgent Prayer Request! 11-14-2013

Dear Prayer Warrriors,

I just received this urgent prayer request and ask that you storm heaven, asking God for His mercy and blessings on this mother, her child, and the grandmother:

Please pray for a woman who is pregnant (12 weeks). She is 39 and wants a child so much, yet her first pregnancy ended up in an abortion very early on as the tests showed severe abnormalities. She miscarried a second baby who had down syndrome. She is pregnant again and there is a 90% chance that this baby has Down Syndrome.

Grandma is so distraught and worried about her daughter. She has been encouraged by a very supportive friend, who sent this prayer request, to seek help from the Women’s Care Center and attend a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat with her daughter.

This friend told Grandma that God doesn’t make junk, that this baby and the others were perfect in His eyes. She was touched almost to tears.

St. Gianna and St. Gerard, please intercede for them! Our Lady of Guadalupe, we entrust them to your care!

In Christ,


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