17 open hours this week!

Two of the voices from SILENT NO MORE (from 40 Days for Life – Discover what God has done… Imagine what He can do. By: David Bereit and Shawn Carney with Cindy Lambert):

1.  I’m always wondering what my child would’ve been or done in life.  A part of me is missing.  A piece of the puzzle is lost.  I just hope that I can help other women who have had abortions or are contemplating abortion.
2.  I’ll never see or hold my baby, at least not on earth.  It was traumatic.  I hated myself and I didn’t want to live.  It negatively affected my relationships with children and men.  I became very heard of heart, not helping other people.  Until Jesus came into my life I had a hard time accepting love.
This week there will be young mothers who are contemplating abortion because they are lost.  Please bring your light to the sidewalk this week to show them THE WAY.


Monday, 11/27 – 2 needed at 12p; 2 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
Wednesday, 11/29 – 1 needed at 12p; 2 needed at 1p; 1 needed at 2p; 1 needed at 3p; 1 needed at 4p and 2 needed at 5p.
Thursday, 11/30 – 1 needed at 11a; 1 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
To sign up for hours go to: vigilforlife.org/calendar/monthview or e-mail info@vigilforlife.org or call Gwen at (608)393-8545.
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