18 open hours this week!

Although we are not officially taking part in the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign, our daily presence ensures that our prayers and presence are joined with thousands of others throughout the world to end abortion.  Even when we do not necessarily see how God is using our prayers and presence right in front of us, stories like the following give us the motivation to continue!  Our prayers help support all 40 Days for Life campaigns!

This from St. Louis’ 40 Days for Life spring campaign:
 “Through even the worst storms,” said Brian, the 40 Days for Life leader in St. Louis, “we see our Lord working through prayer volunteers and sidewalk counselors.”

Two volunteers prayed in a driving rain until a young family stopped to talk.

“When the conversation ended,” said one of the vigil participants, “they were smiling. They drove away from Planned Parenthood toward a life-affirming option.”

As their car turned the corner, the other volunteer cheered, “This is what we’re here for!” 

“No matter how miserable the weather is, or how hard the wind blows,” said one of the St. Louis team members, “we are called to persevere in faith that God can work through us, rain or shine, to protect the unborn. “

There have been 196 babies and their mothers (that are known) spared from abortion during this Spring 40 Days for Life campaign!
Please sign up for an hour this week!


Monday, 3/5 – 1 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
Wednesday, 3/7 – 2 needed at 12p; 2 needed at 1p and 2 needed at 2p.
Thursday, 3/8 – 1 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
Friday, 3/9 – 1 needed at 10a; 2 needed at 11a; 1 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
To sign up for hours go to: vigilforlife.org/calendar/monthview or e-mail info@vigilforlife.org or call (608)393-8545.
GOOD FRIDAY STATIONS OF THE CROSS – Friday, March 30th at 9:30 a.m. on sidewalk surrounding Planned Parenthood, 3706 Orin Road, Madison – Fr. Richard Heilman will lead us in Good Friday Stations of the Cross. Jesus united himself with all victims of suffering by his death on the cross. None suffer more innocently than the victims of abortion.
3RD ANNUAL PROTEST PLANNED PARENTHOOD RALLY – 10 a.m. on sidewalk surrounding Planned Parenthood, 3706 Orin Road, Madison.  More details to come.

O, God, you formed us in our mother’s womb and planned a unique and special life and purpose for each of us, and we do thank you. Grant that we may pray and work for an end to abortion, especially in these 40 days, so that no unborn baby you have made may fail to achieve your divine intention for him or her because of intentional abortion. We pray this for the sake of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(Prayer by Rev. Ben Sheldon)

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