25 open hours this week!

Praise God that this past Friday our sidewalk counselors were able to send a young couple over to the Women’s Care Center and they were also able to witness to some members of a street maintenance crew that were working on the street in front of PP as they asked our sidewalk counselors what they were doing there.

Please sign up for an hour this week!


Monday, 11/13 – 1 needed at 12p and 1 needed at 1p.
Tuesday, 11/14 – 1 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 11a and 1 needed at 2p.
Wednesday, 11/15 – 1 needed at 1p; 2 needed at 2p; 2 needed at 2p; 1 needed at 4p and 2 needed at 5p.
Thursday, 11/16 – 1 needed at 9a; 1 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 11a and 1 needed at 12p.
Friday, 11/17 – 2 needed at 9a; 1 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 11a; 2 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.
To sign up for hours go to: vigilforlife.org/calendar/monthview or e-mail info@vigilforlife.org or call Gwen at (608)393-8545.
Father and maker of all,
You adorn all creation with splendour and beauty,
and fashion human lives in Your image and likeness.Awaken in every heart reverence for the work of Your hands,
and renew among Your people a readiness to nurture and sustain
Your precious gift of life.

Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever,

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