26 open hours this week!

Thank you to all who took part in this year’s 40 Days for Life campaign!  You are all answers to prayers that have been prayed before this 40 Days for Life  campaign and all of the way through it.  Thank you for listening to God speaking in your hearts and for coming to the sidewalk to take part in this 40 Days for Life campaign.

For this 2017 fall 40 Days for Life campaign, there were around 375 locations and around 25 countries that took part.  Since the start of it, there have been 480 babies and their mothers saved from abortion (that we know of).  On October 31st, a call was received from one of our sidewalk counselors to let us know that a sidewalk counselor visiting from out of town was able to reach out to a young mother and father who were considering abortion.  She was able to send them over to the Women’s Care Center and they reported back that they chose LIFE for their baby!  Part of this scenario most likely happens so much more than we know.  Most often we do not get any feedback from the mothers who we send, through God’s grace, over to the Women’s Care Center.  We do know that more women who go to the Women’s Care Center choose life for their babies than not.  Right now, the Women’s Care Center is serving around 180 pregnant mothers.

I would like to give special recognition to people without whom this 40 Days for Life would have fallen flat:

Mary Markielewski, our Vigil Captain coordinator.  If an hour was not filled and we couldn’t find anyone to fill it, Mary did.  At last count, Mary was at around 75 hours on the sidewalk during this campaign.  God bless you Mary!

John Bohn, our sign in sheet coordinator and organization guru.  He made sure the sign in sheets were well organized and out for all to sign.  John also stepped up to fill  a lot of open hours and helps us to see humor in all situations.

All of our Vigil Day Captains who made endless calls to “rally the troops” for getting out to pray and witness and foroften getting out to the sidewalk to fill hours themselves: Olivia Bohn, Jan Hess, Ken Pientka, Bette Weisshaar, Katie Mueller and Kathleen Terry.

Bryan Kust, Vern Acker and Huan Hoang were real Godsends as they filled lots of our unfilled overnight hours!

Others high up in hours were: Joe Nicosia, Karen Wagner, Don Hudzinski, Judy Hoffman and Alan Mahinski.

We had 13 parishes that committed to weekly hours during this campaign and 6 K of C Councils that did the same.

Thank you all so much for the gift or your prayers and time.  We also want to thank all of the spouses and families fortheir sacrifices of having one or more family members giving so much time to 40 Days for Life.

Of course, we will never really know how much difference our prayers and presence have made until we get to Heaven.  We are assured on earth of the difference it makes when we hear the beautiful stories of the mothers and fathers who have chosen life for their babies like we heard about during this campaign. Vigil for Life is so grateful to God for all of you!

Although 40 Days for Life has ended, we still have our 365 for Life presence to keep on the sidewalk.  Please sign upfor an hour this week:

Monday, Nov. 6th – 2 needed at 9a; 2 needed at 11a; 1 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 2 needed at 2p.

Tuesday, Nov. 7th – 1 needed at 9a and 1 needed at 2p.

Wednesday, Nov. 8th – 2 needed at 1p; 1 needed at 4p and 2 needed at 5p.

Thursday, Nov. 9th – 1 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 12p and 1 needed at 1p.

Friday, Nov. 10th – 1 needed at 9a; 1 needed at 10a; 2 needed at 11a; 2 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p and 1 needed at 2p.

To sign up for hours go to: vigilforlife.org/calendar/monthview or e-mail info@vigilforlife.org or call Gwen at (608)393-8545.

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