What Biden’s presidency means for the pro-life movement by Shawn Carney

On Jan. 20, America will enter a new term under the most pro-abortion government our nation has ever seen. Its laws are still rivaled only by the current abortion and infanticide laws in North Korea and China. 

With Jan. 22 marking the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, something Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will no doubt celebrate, abortion and women’s rights are sure to take center stage. 

Our country is in a crisis. Not only is our freedom of speech to even voice our views on abortion under threat, but the most vulnerable population, our children in the womb, will be under the siege of a new administration that assigns unscientific parameters to the definition of life to advance its globalist agenda. 

Make no mistake, their method is to destroy the nation by tearing apart its cornerstone: families. But the pro-life movement has proven itself unstoppable under previous Democratic administrations, and it will be no different for the next four years. All the more, we must resolve to remain united on the importance of defending life and remembering what we have accomplished together.

Over the past 25 years, half of all abortion facilities in the United States have shut down, including 32% of Planned Parenthood locations in the last decade alone. Advances in medicine and technology have helped science catch up to the fact that fetuses are indisputably unique, worthy lives, making it harder and harder to justify permissive abortion laws. In Alabama, for instance, real strides are being made toward banning abortion in the state, thanks to the valiant efforts of brilliant minds in of the pro-life movement.

Many of these achievements occurred during Obama’s eight-year presidency and have only continued to gain momentum. The efforts of pro-life Americans are inspiring movements worldwide, leading to the closing of abortion facilities across the globe, as people recognize that there are better solutions to women’s care outside of money-minded Planned Parenthood.

So what can we do to continue the trend of making strides for life, despite what politicians say? For one, we must continue to use our freedom of speech while we can. Even though social media is becoming increasingly truth-censored, there are still ways to make our voices heard through grassroots efforts. We can join peaceful vigils, we can point at-risk and impoverished women to nonprofit health clinics, we can pray and vote with our dollars by supporting pro-life organizations. 

Most importantly, we must make it a priority in our lives to defend life. We can’t shy away from sharing the truth because it isn’t politically correct. We can’t stand on the sidelines while the House and Senate push for the relaxation of abortion laws. We can’t turn a blind eye and pretend we don’t care when millions of babies are killed every year, destroying families, communities, and the country. 

We’ve proven in the past that we can prevail even in the face of pro-abortion presidents. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, dig in our heels, and fight for life, prepared for opposition but determined to remain united on the most important issue of our lifetime. 

Shawn Carney is a bestselling author and CEO and president of the pro-life organization 40 Days for Life. He is the author of The Beginning of the End of Abortion and To the Heart of the Matter.

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